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Find out more about how we are working towards protection of human rights, the rule of law and equal access to justice; protection of the rights of the marginalized communities particularly women, pastoralists, persons with disabilities, people who use drugs, and LGBTI persons; and advancing accountability, fair distribution and sustainable use of resources.
Democratic Governance And Rule Of Law

Democratic Governance and Rule of Law

The program aims to ensure that the people of Eastern Africa benefit from a more inclusive, equitable and accountable governance, access to justice, human rights and the rule of law.
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Equality And Non-discrimination

Equality and Non-discrimination

The equality and non-discrimination program seeks to ensure equality, protection and enjoyment of the rights of marginalized communities.
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Health And Rights

Health and Rights

The program aims to transform institutions (formal and informal) to facilitate equitable access to health rights for the marginalized populations in a legally and socially inclusive enabling environment.
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Economic Governance

Economic Governance

The program aims to contribute towards strengthening of accountability, fair distribution and sustainable use of resources.
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