For over a decade, Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa has supported initiatives to advance human rights in the region with a view to improve the quality of life of the people of Eastern Africa. We have partnered with government agencies, civil society organizations, individuals, academic institutions and movements to promote democratic ideals, justice, rule of law, inclusion, equality and non-discrimination. We have passionately worked towards our aspiration, inspired by our common conviction that “all persons count equally”. Our distinct character of taking on what have been considered “lost causes”, enabling the most marginalized in society to realize their aspirations, has been made possible by our team of caring, diligent, passionate and talented workforce. Today, we work with some of the most committed and passionate staff dedicated to the mission of making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in the society; staff committed to the fundamental ideals of human rights that we so aspire to realize. It is because of these dedicated staff that we have been able to advance human rights in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Rwanda.

In the course of doing these, we have lived our values of justice, passion, equity and equality, diversity, innovation, integrity, solidarity and collegiality. We continually search for the most talented and brilliant individuals from around the Eastern Africa region to be part of our team. We pride in employing staff that are passionate, dedicated and are diverse in terms of nationality, gender and other backgrounds.

Why work with us?

OSIEA employs individuals with a wide variety of technical, managerial and operational skills to achieve our aspirations. We are often looking for talented, passionate and committed people to join our quest to improve the lives of the people of Eastern Africa. If you are interested in working on advancing the human rights of the most vulnerable communities in Eastern Africa- women, girls, youth, persons with disabilities, sexual minorities, pastoralists etc. then OSIEA is the best place for you.

At OSIEA, we are a team that works collaboratively, guided by our core value of solidarity and collegiality. Our empathy, responsiveness and teamwork enable us to work more effectively. We treat each other with compassion and stand by each other in difficult times. We are not just a workforce, we are family.

The WORDS employees use to describe working at OSIEA really say it all...

How do you get to join our team?

We advertise vacancies from time to time as they arise and give an equal chance to all. So, be on the lookout for opportunities, you might just be the next to join our team!