OSIEA has a new strategy!!

After a decade of successfully supporting what many saw as lost and unpopular causes and nurturing movements for persons living on the margins of society, OSIEA now has a new strategy. The primary and over-arching goals in our new strategy (2017-2020) are protection of human rights, the rule of law and equal access to justice; protection of the rights of the marginalized communities particularly women, pastoralists, persons with disabilities, people who use drugs, and LGBTI persons; and advancing accountability, fair distribution, and sustainable use of resources. In this strategy, we also expand our countries of focus to six, to include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, and Rwanda. We hope for an Eastern Africa where those who live in the margins of society- youth, women, people with disabilities and sexual minorities- can live in a society that respects them, that recognizes them and protects their basis rights because at the end of the day, Eastern Africa is a better place when we carry everyone along.

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  1. It is great to realize the amazing work being done by OSIEA. As Talanta Afrika, an LGBT performing arts and media organization located in Kisumu, we are really looking forward to working with OSIEA in using performing arts and media to interrogate societal norms with the objective of realizing equality and respect for rights and needs of LGBT persons in Kisumu County. Shalom!

  2. We at rehema emerging metropolitan comminity church-kisumu would be happy to work with osira in empowering sexual minority, single mothers, widows and orphans especially un the rural areas. We reach cpmmunity grassroot household in the rural aress of kisumu county in kabonyi/kanyagwal ward. We intend to reach religious leaders to change on religousd messsges that promote stigma and discrimination to the marginalised and sexual minority in rural set up. Reach us through shelby rinkle orphans and vulnerable children- srovccbo@gmail.com

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