OSIEA is a part of the global Open Society Foundations network. Founded in 2005, OSIEA plays an active role in encouraging open, informed dialogue about issues of public importance. We support individuals and groups to participate in matters that affect them in order to demand fair treatment, delivery of services and accountability from their leaders and institutions.

Our Mission & Values

We promote democratic governance, justice and human rights, respect for the rule of law, and the protection of the rights of minorities. We also partner with minority communities on the fringes of society; those most subject to violence, discrimination and stigma.
We believe there is space for all of us.
At OSIEA, we make it possible for the smallest bird to sing on top of a tree. Our organizational values are the lens through which we do our work on integrity, accountability (to each other and to others), celebration of diversity and collegiality. We seek possibility; the question is more important than the answer.

Our strategy

For the past decade (2005- 2016), OSIEA has supported what many saw as lost and unpopular causes. Over the years we have successfully nurtured and supported movements for persons living on the margins of society such as sex workers, people living with HIV, persons with disabilities, LGBTI persons, and injecting drug users. With our partners in settings such as Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, we have stood on the side of justice and accountability for serious human rights violations.

OSIEA now has a new strategy. The primary and over-arching goals in our new strategy (2017-2020)are protection of human rights, the rule of law and equal access to justice; protection of the rights of the marginalized communities particularly women, pastoralists, persons with disabilities, people who use drugs, and LGBTI persons; and advancing accountability, fair distribution, and sustainable use of resources.

Our Approach

OSIEA’s primary role is to amplify the voices seeking to promote justice and equality. OSIEA supports a variety of voices-individuals, organizations, coalitions, movements and government agencies-that promote rights-based change. When we identify opportunities, we do not hesitate to initiate engagement. The call for justice, human rights and rule of law are found in the expected and the unexpected of places. Sometimes they are lone voices of reason in society expressing outrage and indignation at violations. Other times, they emerge as national groundswell calling for change. In light of the environment we work in, we remain flexible and able to rapidly respond to the ever changing needs in our environment. Ultimately, we derive our legitimacy through the earned respect and trust of our partners and peers. We support initiatives with demonstrated capacity to positively transform society in innovative ways that embrace inclusiveness and diversity.

Where we Work

ACS Plaza, Lenana Road, Nairobi.
South Sudan
Hamza Inn Compound, Juba, South Sudan
Former Airtel Office Complex, LRV 2639, Folio 25 Plot 1, Hill Lane, Kololo, Kampala.
Regent Business Park, 4th Flr, Wing B, Plot 172, Chwaku Street, Mikocheni, Dar-es-Salaam.